The Bum Sniffing Canine Crew are looking for new bums to sniff! If you’d like to be featured in our website gallery, you can submit photos of you (and your bum) for free!

Please keep the photos CLOTHED and CLEAN!! We only are interested in sniffing bums that are suitable for family viewing!

Before submitting your photo, you must read and agree to the terms of our Photo Release, giving us permission to use your photo(s).

You can email your photos to Mum here.

Make your photos fun by posing in wacky ways, and making funny facial expressions.

Don’t worry about the angle or perspective…Mum will take a suitable photo of one of us Bum Sniffers that will fit right in with your shot!

You can also get a greeting card, poster or anything else of your bum sniffing shot to keep for yourself…just contact Mum, and she will give you an estimate on price.

Mum can also create cards, posters, etc. of your own bum sniffing pet, if you’d like. Contact her for that too. She will need your pet’s photo along with YOUR photo to splice it in. You will need to make sure that your pet’s photo is shot at a compatible angle with your photo. We Bum Sniffers don’t really understand all that stuff, but Mum will help you out.

If you would like for your pet to become an Honorary Bum Sniffing Dog, click here.

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Hiney Heather Sniffin' Sam
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