"We Sniff Your Bum To
Make You Look Dumb"

We're the Canine Crew,
And yes, it's true...
We DON'T sniff BOMBS...
We prefer to sniff YOU!

We love to sniff bums
Even more than crumbs.
When people come near
We go to their rear
And take a good whiff
of their derriere.

We love our mum...
She's a skinny chum
And no fun to sniff
'cause she has no bum.

Our dad's is okay
But if we may,
We want MORE bums
To come our way.

So send us your pics...
The fronts you can nix.
All we want are
CLOTHED bums for kicks.

Send them for FREE,
And maybe you'll be
On our website
For all to see!

No unclothed or otherwise dirty photos please!

Welcome to bumsniffingdogs.com!

We're known as the "Canine Crew," and we want everybody (and everybum) to know about us, and help make us BIG STARS!

We began our careers as models for Franimals cards, pet greeting cards that donate to animal shelters.

We still do that, and we hope that maybe you'll like us enough to check out and maybe buy some of our cards! (www.franimalsinc.com the "buy cards" button)

Now we're  em-BARK-ing on a new career. We've admired BOMB SNIFFING dogs for a long time, and since we don't have that kind of training, we've decided to turn our attention to BUM SNIFFING.

We'll sniff ANYBODY's bum. In fact, we sniff the bums of BUMS! This is especially useful to our soldiers fighting in Iraq...while our other dog friends are sniffing for bombs, we distract the enemy by going for their BUMS! Check out our special section in the gallery: "bum sniffing for America."

While you might think bum sniffing doesn't take any special training, let us tell you, it's tougher than it seems! We have to get into just the right position at just the right time to really make it work! It takes hours and hours of practice to really perfect this skill.

Bum Sniffing for your party or get-together

Bum sniffing is also a great party scent-sation. If you have photos of a party, our mum will splice us right in there for you if you want to make it look like someone is being BS-ed (bum sniffed)! But she won't work for treats like we do, so you can send her a note, and she will give you what she calls an "estimate." Like we always say: "Behind the behinds of every party, there's a bumsniffing dog."

Custom greeting cards and other stuff

Mum also makes custom greeting cards, posters, post cards, you name it! You can check out Mum's work on her graphics site: www.shermanstudios.com and also on our Franimals site: www.franimalsinc.com. Contact her for an estimate.

"Hiring" us Bum Sniffers

If you would like to hire us as models—for bum sniffing or for any other reason—Mum can splice us into just about anything you want, or create something from scratch....hmmm...I wonder if that means scratching like we do...simply contact her.

So, you think YOU have a Bum Sniffer?

If you think you have a bum sniffing candidate of your own, you can send us a photo of your bum sniffing dog in a good bum sniffing pose, along with another photo of a bum sniffee (i.e. yourself or your friend) to splice him/her in. You can read more about submitting your own bum sniffer here, and how you can get an "Honorary Bum Sniffing Dog" CERTIFICATE of your very own!! Some of the proceeds from each certificate will go to Support Dogs, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support dogs for disabled people.

Submitting YOUR bum

By the way, everyone is invited to submit their bum photos for free to possibly be included in our gallery! But we don't sniff naked bums or otherwise dirty ones...keep 'em CLOTHED and CLEAN!  Just email your photos to us. Tip: the goofier your facial expressions and gestures are, the better we like it!

Before emailing your photos, you must read our photo release that gives us permission to use your photos, and click the "I accept" area.

Sponsors for Bum Sniffers

We are also seeking SPONSORS and advertisers to advertise on our website.

Shop till you drop...

You can even buy all kinds of bumsniffingdogs.com and Canine Crew stuff...t-shirts, caps, magnets, buttons, posters, even clocks, bags, and mugs! Go shopping here!

FREE E-Cards!

We've now got free e-cards for lots of occasions and every day fun featuring us, of course...the bum sniffin' Canine Crew. Get your e-cards here!

Bumsniffin' jigsaw puzzles

For those of you who like to do jigsaw puzzles, we have some bumniffin' puzzles online.. Go here to "puzzle" yourselves.

News you can use

We Crew members like to stay up on our current events...it helps us determine where we might want to bumsniff next. If you'd like to check out the latest news from around the planet, you don't even have to leave our website! Just go here to read the news!

Most of all, we hope you enjoy our new website! Come back and visit us Aarf-fen!

The Canine Crew
Sniffin' Sammi, Hiney Heather, Beau-Nose, and Nose-Z Zima

Beau Nose Beau Nose
Nose-Z Zima Nose-Z Zima
Hiney Heather Hiney Heather
Hiney Heather Sniffin' Sam
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